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A Reintroduction

Hey everyone. It's been a while. Four years, in fact. The lovely holyfant talked about this in her most recent post, which inspired me to do so as well. I used to post a lot on LJ, and my shift to tumblr was mostly because everyone else was doing it, and I discovered AO3. But, AO3 is a fanfic-only platform, and tumblr isn't conducive to conversations that aren't vitriolic or just absolutely ridiculous. (While I do like their new chat feature, it's hard to start a personal conversation with someone you've only met via the internet) So, I'm back. And I thought I'd reintroduce myself to anyone on my flist who's still around. (See? I still know the lingo!) A lot has changed in my time away, and I can't wait to get to know this corner of the internet again.

So, who am I?

Name: Nirali
Age: 20
Gender: Female

What am I up to?

College: NYU - English Major, Social Entrepreneurship and Creative Writing Minors
Writing: Currently, a novel's in progress, and clearly I'm writing on this LJ. Fic-wise, I've been running the tumblr fanfictionguide for a little over a year, but that's more reading. I haven't been writing many fics, although you can find the ones I have written post-LJ on my AO3 account. I won last year's NaNoWriMo, the first I participated in, and this year I'm not really doing it because I feel like the novel I'm writing requires a much slower pace, and because I don't have time.
Dance: Not sure if I talked about this before, but I was doing Kathak when I was here last, and now I'm doing more Bollywood stuff. I'm part of NYU Dillagi, a sort of co-ed dance team.
Videoblogging: This is a thing I think I got into after I was sort of done with LJ. Basically, I discovered Nerdfighteria, watched the vlogbrothers for about a year before starting to make my own video content. I'm still making videos pretty regularly, and you can watch them here at :)

Where am I? Where have I been?
Let's see...I moved multiple times in the last few years, although my last move was within the same city so not sure if that counts. My first move was from my small town in New Jersey all the way across the Atlantic to London, England. Yup! For all of my freshman year of university, I studied in the wonderful city that managed to colonize the world.
Then, I moved back to the East Coast to New York City, where I dormed in NYU for a year before moving again to live with my sister in a fantastic midtown apartment. So that's where I am right now. In my apartment in Manhattan. How cool is that?

I thought the five Ws thing would work, but not really. It is currently 1:29 am EST and I am falling asleep, so I'll continue this in the future when my mind is slightly more coherent.

Am I coming back to LJ? Because I love it and I miss it. While I wasn't posting on LJ at all for the last four years, I did do quite a bit of lurking. I came to LJ for the fics and stayed for the real stories - as well as the awesome fics. I miss fandom being substantial. This is where I learned why Finn Hudson was awful, where I got into politics with ONTD politics. Where I could freely discuss things and expect coherent responses instead of trolls v SJWs. I feel like that void was filled by Youtube for a long time. While I'm still getting a lot of substance from youtube, it's a very specific focus and I feel like I can explore all my interests here.

Working wifi and a computer.
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