firewordsparkler (uniquegrl7) wrote,

I am freaking out right now.

I am absolutely, absurdly happy with life right now because of three things.

First, and least important, IT'S SUMMER! It's  the most wonderful time of the year other than winter, and my two-month holiday break just began yesterday, so it just might mean I'll actually write and post fic for once. (lol jk, do I ever actually do that?) But, I'm going to be playing tennis and being active, and I'm going to Texas for a JAINA convention and Maine with my entire family (kill me now). I'm very excited for these things, but onto things more important than real life...

The second thing: POTTERMORE!!!!!!!! It is not the end. There is no end in sight. I know that we've all been tumblr-ing about this for ages, but now JKR is saying it. She is saying that we're amazing fans and she's doing this for us and more money.  I can't wait for July 31st now so I can try to get in early and I'm just really really ridiculously (hehe, riddikulus-ly) insanely excited about this. And onto actual world things:

The third thing: THEY LEGALIZED GAY MARRAIGE IN NEW YORK!!! Now this doesn't affect me directly, but it affects me in that it affects my best friend John. It also means I can marry whoever the fuck I want if I just travel twenty minutes north (and turn 18), and it means that New York realizes that love knows no bounds. Now hopefully the rest of this country can realize what the state of New York has realized and stop being homophobic bigots who think that it's right to prohibit a natural right of man to a certain people.

So yeah, I'm happy. Really really happy. So happy that I might reconsider moving to Mars the minute I get a rocketship and my  faith in this world just might be restored.
Tags: happy, harry potter, random, rant, real life
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