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Why I love Luna Lovegood
luna lovegood

as posted in the hp_commonroom community:


Luna Lovegood is one of my favorite characters in the entire series. I love that she's smart and she is in Ravenclaw for a reason, despite those who think she is simply "loony" and stupid. She is the sweetest character, only standing for what is good. She sees things others don't, when it comes to mythical creatures and when it comes to people. She was one of the few who believed Harry in the fifth book, when she was introduced, even when it wasn't the popular opinion. She may daydream a lot, like when she was the commentator for the Quidditch game, but she notices things other people don't. She appreciates things for who and what they truly are, like when we saw the friendship picture she painted in her bedroom. She reminds me of a troubled genius who can't really connect with anyone other than those who are of the same mindset and of the same mental capacity as her. She is one of those girls that is so nice, yet a little different, so she's ostracized by the masses. She seems like one of those people who is very idealistic, like when her shoes were lost, but she always knew that they would eventually turn up. People take her things, not because they think she's weird, but because they're jealous of her. She's not at all afraid to be herself. She does not care about what others think. She's not deaf to the criticisms of her made by her peers, but she doesn't listen and she is secure enough in herself that she can be herself even in the face of adversity. She can believe whatever she wants to believe in, even if not everyone believes it. She is one of the strongest characters in the books. This is why I love her.

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LETS GO INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back from the dead! And with a fill (sort of)!
So the prompt from the p/r drabble meme was: A canon story without the following 15 words: badass, skirt, crazy, midget, arms, make(ing)-out, dude, pregnant(/preggers), football, hot(ter/test), fuck(er/ing/etc.), epic, star(s), slushie, love.

I was feeling rebellious tonight, so I kind of, sort of, well really changed the prompt so that it read "A canon story WITH the following words..." Anyway, the words I wasn't supposed to use are in caps because it would sound like I was shouting at the prompter. (hope you get where my weird sense of humor is coming from, inspire16)

***And yes, I am making this overly cliched on purpose, but I still like to think that there's some pretty good writing in this somewhere. Enjoy!***

Puck walked over to Rachel with a grape SLUSHIE in his hand. It was like deja vu or something, but he was getting those Jewish dreams again, and Rachel was back to wearing those really short SKIRTS. Plus, they were really starting to get close now. Finn and Quinn were completely out of the picture for both of them, and they could honestly talk about anything together. One day, Rachel even called them, dare he say it, friends. She was closing her locker when he said, "So, Berry, I was thinking..."

"That must have been rather difficult for you," she interrupted.

Normally, he would laugh, because they were friends now. Instead, he scratched his head, looked down, and said, "Yeah well, here it is: You're HOT, I'm HOTTER. We're both Jews. I think together, we'd make something EPIC."

She smirked. "Yeah well, seeing as you can't really think beyond MAKING OUT and FUCKING, I don't think that would be a possibility."

His jaw dropped. "DUDE, seriously? I joined the celibacy club for you, and I'm still a BADASS! You're such a CRAZY MIDGET for even thinking I'm not badass enough to be deeper than making out and fucking. I mean you already know that my 'ARMS are lovely!'"

As Noah was taking a breather from the most he had ever spoken at one time, Rachel looked up at him and her eyes filled with LOVE. "You joined for me? I thought you joined for Quinn. After all, you did get her PREGNANT last year."

He rolled his eyes. He honestly wanted to block out the entirety of last year (save for the week when he dated McKinley's brightest STAR). "Yeah, well you can't change the past. But can't you see? I'd rather be part of something EPIC with you than relive history with Quinn. I know you think that I'm nothing more than a deadbeat high school FOOTBALL player who has nothing else going for him, but with you, I can be bigger than that. You make me a better person."

They gazed at each other for a few seconds before leaning in and-ring! The bell rang, signaling classes starting, and the two were snapped out of their trance.

He leaned in close to her again and whispered in her ear, "See you at lunch."

Rachel couldn't help the shivers he sent down her spine as she grabbed her books and hurried to class. She couldn't wait to tell him how she really felt at lunch.

**So I'd really like for someone to actually fill this, because the prompt is actually all kinds of awesome.**

Alas! Another ficlet...sorry in advance for all the angst.

Prompt by:
gomezxhenrie at the drabble meme. Rachel: I’m scared of not being with you. Noah: Oh baby, that’ll never happen.
Disclaimer: If I owned it, there would be no plot. Only Puckleberry.


They’re on their way home from the doctor’s office when she finally breaks down. She knows that he’s scared shitless, more so than he is, but she can’t help it. Her husband for ten years has a brain tumor. Even though she’s seen more Grey’s Anatomy than probably anyone on the planet, she’s fairly sure there’s no Derek Shepherd out there with some breakthrough cure for ginormous tumors.

He’s driving, but does his best to comfort her by rubbing circles on her back and pulling her close. That’s when she realizes that he shouldn’t be driving.

“Pull over,” she says. Her tears have ceased and now she’s just having a little trouble catching her breath. He just stares at her as if she’s crazy. It’s certainly not the first time he’s done that, but she can’t help but think it may be the last. He pulls over though (he always listens to her), and looks at her expectantly.

“You shouldn’t be driving,” Rachel says. “You have a brain tumor and you shouldn’t be driving.”

He rolls his eyes. “Rach, I’m in the same exact state that I was in while driving to the doctor’s. I’m pretty sure we can make it back in one piece.” He pauses for a second, then adds, "Plus you know how I feel about your driving skills. I'm sorry babe, you're amazing at pretty much everything, but your driving sucks."

She opens her mouth, as if to argue with him, but all that comes out is a sob. Noah automatically leans over and hugs her. He holds her there for a while, whispering in her ear that it’ll all be okay even though he doesn’t know that. He closes his eyes and lets a few tears of his own slip out.

“I’m scared of not being with you,” she says softly into his shoulder. He thinks his heart breaks even more at her words.

“Oh, baby that’ll never happen.” He’s scared of the exact same thing, more so than the actual tumor and upcoming surgeries, but his gut is telling him that they’re gonna make it.

“And don’t you dare die.”

He’s silent for a second, and then says, “Babe, I’ve survived living with you for the past twelve years of my life. Plus, I’m the biggest badass the world has ever seen. Do you really think I’m gonna let some stupid tumor kill me?”

She cracks a smile at that. Leave it to Noah Puckerman to make jokes when he’s just received arguably the worst news of his life.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asks.

“I should be asking you that question.”

“I completely agree. I mean, everyone already knows you’re crazy.”

She hits his arm, and he grins as he pulls the car back onto the highway. She thinks—no, she knows—that everything’s going to work out.

Finally, a fic(let)!
queen rowling
So, in addition to Grey's (and I haven't seen the previous episode, so bear with me!) I have a new fandom: Glee :) and in kind of honor of this, I was forced to by my idea decided to write a small ficlet in response to a prompt on the gleefics weekend meme #1 page. So in case you're too lazy to actually go there and find it, because I would do that too, I decided to post it here as well. And by the way, I hate that stupid old pick-up truck you never let me drive it's a Puck/Rachel ficlet...so...umm...yeah.

Puck is still dazed and confused about how she pulled it off when she starts making out with him.Collapse )

Writer's Block: A rose by any other name ...
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How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

I actually chose my livejournal name based on a couple not-so-interesting things. I thing the "grl" thing is obvious, but I actually used unique because my real name means unique. I also have a reason behind the number 7, which I use all the time for two reasons. First is a story: when I was 8, my dad helped me create my first email account. He then proceeded to write the number 7 at the end of it, thinking that this was my age at the time. He submitted the account, making it permanent, before I asked him why he used this number. Naturally, I was pretty angry that my dad thought I was a year younger than I really was. Later on, though, I was fine with it because there are 7 Harry Potter  books and a number of other things happened that revolved around the number 7. So that's how I chose my LiveJournal username. Just thought I'd put that out there.

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Hi all,
So if you're reading this, which you (as in cyberspace) are probably not, you're probably wondering why I haven't posted in a while. It's mainly because January is a stressful month for me, as midterms are happening, but when February rolls around, I'll be writing like the mad person I am, so bear with me for now! But I do have a small Grey's ficlet/paragraph in store in honor of the crossover tomorrow tonight (Eeeks! It's past midnight!) to keep you hanging, and if you like it and would like me to continue it, please let me know because I will if there's a genuine interest in the story.

read on if you want to enjoy and comment on the ficlet!
Things have changed is the first thing you think when you step onto the sacred parking lot and stare at front of the hallowed halls of Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital. When you walks through the glass door and make your way toward the nurses station, you can feel everyone's eyes on you. But then again, some things will remain exactly the same. You catch Derek and Mark on the way to get coffee and you exchange overly bright and polite hellos with them. Mark seems way too tired and Derek looks happy in general but worried about his friend's well being.
Something seems off though, even with Mark having a daughter and half the people not knowing who you are, something else is nagging you in the back of your mind, and you have no idea what it is. And that;s when you see them come out of an oncall room together. You don't know the girl's name, but you definitely know who the guy is. Everything has changed.

End!!! (for now) Told you it was short :)

A/N:If you want me to write more of this, please let me know because I will, I have an entire plot line to go off of. So please comment! Byee!

Snow Patrol and Fanfiction
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I just saw the music vid. for Just Say Yes, by Snow Patrol and I have to admit, it is quite awesome, once you get past the odd costumes. It's really another awesome song by the band and it makes me even more in love with Gary Lightbody. *Sigh* I love them. And I'm happy today. It's been a really good day. And it is Friday, the 13th. The supposed unluckiest day of the year. And I had a good day. I'm at peace and I just listened to an awesome song for the first time. Oh, here's the link for it: (I'm not sure how to embed the video)


Enjoy! (If anyone's into the most amazing band...)

On another note, I will be posting fanfics (or fanfictions) onto this blog, mainly about Grey's Anatomy, Glee and Harry Potter, my two loves. Unfortunately, I cannot go on fanfiction.net until further notice, but I do have a couple stories posted on that site under the same username. (And you can find so much more on that site as well, I love it!) I'll start posting the stories soon, hopefully, and I hope you (my few readers) comment! I'm all about Mer/Der and the occasional other canon pairing, but I'll read and write about just about any pairing in Potterland, though I'm partial to fics with Draco or the Marauders in them. If anyone has any suggestions for a fanfic I should read or any suggestions for what I should write, please comment!

Thanks for reading!

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My name isn't going to be said on this site, I am UG7/uniquegrl7, and this is obviously my first live journal entry, which I'm going to use to tell you a bit about myself. I'm Indian, live in America, and that's all the personal stuff you're going to get, dear reader. I'm an average high-schooler academically, but I am unique, as my username claims. I like to get to the point, while using avid descriptions that are pages long like Steinbeck. I'm a living contradiction, slightly OCD. I have a tendency to ramble. I'm random. I love Grey's Anatomy, which is the reason why you're going to know a bit more about me:

My mother's maiden name, you're not going to find out. I have one sister. I have, uh, one niece. No nephews. I like strawberry ice cream, don't drink, don't smoke. I'm vegetarian. And I cheat when play cards. And I Iove to dance. Um, favorite novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Favorite band, Snow Patrol. My favorite color is purple. I don't like light purple, more of an violet. The scar right here on my arm, that's why I don't run on wet grass anymore. And I live in a house. All of  this bedroom is mine. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it, other than sleep and post these entries. So that's it. That's all you've earned for now. The rest you're just... just gonna have to take on faith.

Anyone who knows who said something like this, and in which episode, gets a virtual cookie, because I can't bake for life.. (That episode thing was a pretty big hint, by the way, along with the whole loving Grey's Anatomy thing.)

Okay...this wasn't awkward at all...bye! (or in Grey's--Owenstina--style, Take care now!)


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