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A ficlet for the prompt meme.

Title: The Baby
Fandom: Glee
Ship: Puck/Rachel
Rating: PG-13, because everyone knows that if Glee wasn't on network television, Puck would be cursing a helluva lot more.
Prompt: "Rachel and Puck get in a car crash, she wakes up to Puck sleeping in the
chair next to her bed. As soon as her eyes open Puck jumps up and hugs
her. Rachel's first response is
Rachel: The baby?
Puck looks at her and shakes his head.' by [info]xxxalexandraxxx[info]puckrachel drabble meme (part 8)
Word Count: 569
Summary: "It was your first gift to me"

*Warning: Flufftastic at the end in the middle*
A/N: Hope I didn't completely ruin it :)
Rachel awakes to a beeping sound and a stark white room. It takes her about a minute to figure out where she is, and another minute to realize that the lump in the chair beside her bed is her snoozing boyfriend. And then she remembers. The crash. The scream. The darkness. She flinches.

As soon as she shifts a little bit to get comfortable, Noah wakes up and cups her face. "Hey baby, are you okay? Do you need anything? Water? The nurse? Do you remember what happened? Are you okay? Are you sure you don't need anything, love?" He's rambling at a speed that rivals her own, and that's really saying something.

But Rachel is thinking of something else entirely. "The baby?" she asks.

He glares at her, thins his lips, and shakes his head. "Seriously? You are asking about a fucking car when you could have been fucking killed?"

Sam, who drove Puck to the hospital, bursts out laughing from the doorway. "See, dude, I told you she loves that thing more than she values her life."

Puck shifts his death glare from Rachel to Sam, and Sam lifts his hands up in defeat. Noah then looks back at Rachel and asks her, "Baby, are you sure you don't have a concussion or brain damage or something? Do you need anything? Because there's absolutely no way you'd be asking about that stupid car rather than yourself if you were okay." Looking at Rachel's distraught face, however, told Puck that she actually did care for her car more than her life. He then proceeded to pace back and forth, cursing in Yiddish about Rachel's ridiculousness.

"Noah, stop! Please stop, Noah!" Rachel exclaimed. He kept pacing. "Noah, look at me!" He stopped and stared at her, waiting for her to say something. "Okay, now. Will you tell me what happened to the car?"

"Rachel do you even <i>care</i> if anything happened to you? That I almost lost you? No, you care about that fucking car more than you care about staying safe." He started pacing again.

"Noah, I'm okay. I'm alive. I'm fine. That's why I'm asking about the car. The car is what matters to me right now."

He paused and looked her in the eye. "Why would you care about that car? It's a car from the fucking junkyard that Burt and I put back together, and it barely runs well."

"But don't you see? That's why I wanted t know about the car. You made it for me. That's the first time anyone other than my family gave me anything important. It was your first gift to me. So what if it runs horribly! It's mine and I want to know the damage!"

Noah smiled warmly at her and cupped her face. "This is why I love you so much." He gave her a peck on the lips. "But babe, as much as I'm glad you feel that way, but you still come first. You always come first."

Rachel huffed. "Seriously? Just tell me what happened to the car."

"Okay, but please try not to kill me."

"Will you just tell me?"

"Okay, babe, here goes," he took a deep breath, and said, "it didn't survive. It was completely totaled and it can't be fixed."

The scream coming from Rachel's mouth was heard by the entire town, until Noah stopped covering his ears and kissed her.

Tags: fanfic, fill, glee, puck/rachel
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